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The Admissions Sub-committee works with the school to examine applications for admission to Bishop Gilpin in accordance with the published admissions policy. 

As a church school Bishop Gilpin is its own admissions authority (rather than the local authority, as would be the case with a community school). This sub-committee ensures that the school’s admissions policy follows statutory guidelines contained in the Admissions Code published by the Department for Education and following the advice of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE).

This sub-committee monitors the criteria the school uses to admit pupils to the school every year, as required by statute. It makes regular reports to the full governing body, and advises them of any changes that might be necessary to admission arrangements. This sub-committee ranks the annual applications for entry to the main school and nursery, and ensures that arrangements are in place for any parents wishing to appeal against the school’s decision not to offer a place.

PDF icon      Consultation: Reception Admission changes for 2016