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Finance and Premises 

The Finance Sub-committee monitors the performance of the school from a financial perspective, to ensure that our children get the greatest benefit from limited resources.

We do this by assisting in the budgetary processes (using one-year and three-year budget plans) to ensure that the school allocates its resources in the best way possible and that the staffing levels are manageable for future needs. We also monitor the school’s finances throughout the year, both in terms of the everyday running costs and for special projects.

School budgets are particularly tight at the moment. Over the last few years, this sub-committee has worked closely with the Headteacher and school business manager to re-organise the school’s finances to bring the school out of deficit. This was achieved through micro-analysis of the cost base, benchmarking against other schools and reviewing staffing structures. Within 12 months the school had reduced its deficit and is now able to plan from a solid base, allocating any surplus towards the children’s education.

The Premises Working Group reports to the Finance Sub-committee and is responsible for monitoring maintenance issues and any building projects, including the new kitchen (2015). Together with the Friends of Bishop Gilpin (FOBG), the Governors hope to make significant improvements to the school premises and are looking to increase parental contributions to the BG School Fund in order to fund more projects.