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Remote Learning

At Bishop Gilpin, we are fully committed to providing the best remote learning experiences during such times as children are unable to attend school.  

Our approach to remote learning

We recognise the difficulties parents face in home schooling their children whilst many are also trying to work from home and manage a household and a family simultaneously. It is with that in mind that we have developed video lessons, delivered by our class teachers, to match the curriculum that the children would have been studying in school as close as we possibly can. 

Through these videos we aim to continue to provide the very best in teaching practice, in line with the best educational research. To achieve this, teachers will use many strategies, including (but not limited to):

- Spaced learning opportunities will be available in lessons to support the children's retreival practice and the commitment of new information to long term memory 

- Demonstrating new concepts to children through high quality modelling. 

- Give children the opportunity for guided practice

- Allow children the chance to independently practice new learning concepts and to submit to their teachers for timely feedback. 

- Using a range of assessment tools, including online quizzes, teachers will be able to monitor pupil progress closely and will be able to offer verbal feedback as well as online feedback in our regular phone calls home. 

Through our approach, we are fully compliant to the DfE guidance on remote learning. Further information on our Remote Learning Approach can be found here

Google Classroom

Using our already well established Google Classroom platform, children can immediately access their online learning using their school email login. 

Video Lessons 

Our teachers pre-record lessons for our children to enable parents/carers/children to pause or review the videos as appropriate.  In this way children and families have control over the pace of learning.  

Pre-recorded lessons also give parents/carers the flexibility to arrange their days as best suits their other commitments. This approach also allows families where there are multiple children - but not multiple devices - to access the learning. 

We are a research-informed school. The small amount of research that there is on the subject of online learning states that the teaching quality is more important than how the learning is presented. 

Recording lessons gives pupils the chance to pause, take a break and return to the learning at their own pace. It encourages independence, which the research also suggests is of benefit to the children who are learning at home. 

Parents can look at a review of the research from the Education Endowment Foundation here. The EEF have also published a series of ways parents can look for educational opportunities in everyday routines, which may be of interest.

Remote Learning for children with SEND

At Bishop Gilpin, we take a pupil centered approach to all learning, including our remote learning offer. We know all childrens' individual profiles and carefully consider how to support their needs appropriately. We communicate with families regularly to ensure the learning is well pitched, manageable and supporting their mental health and wellbeing as well as their academic progress. Where a child has an EHCP, we provide opportunities for them to meet the outcomes of their specific EHCP targets. This includes individualied lessons from their learning support assistant as well as their class teacher. 


We recognise that communication is key at this time. The SLT will continue with regular, timely communication to all parents throughout the lockdown period. Class teachers will speak on the phone to each family at least once a fortnight and will be making regular contact with the children across the Google Clasroom platform. Our school office is also open and available to take calls between 8.30 and 4.30, Monday to Friday on 0208 946 6666. Alternatively, parents can contact the school through info@bishopgilpin.org or can contact class teachers through teachermail@bishopgilpin.org


We are committed to supporting those families who do not have sufficient technology to successfully carry out their home learning. If this applies to you, please contact the school immediately at info@bishopgilpin.org or on 0208 946 6666.

Keeping Active During Lockdown

Because we recognise the importance of children keeping physically active whilst in lockdown, on top of our scheduled PE lessons, our inspirational PE teacher is also providing "5 Day Fitness Challenges," designed to inspire the children to stay fit and healthy. Think, "Joe Wicks," but with a personal touch!

Mental Health and Wellbeing  

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our children is always a priority at Bishop Gilpin. To that effect, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Counsellor, Amy Stirling, provides weekly mindfullness and wellbeing activities on the Google Classrooms. On top of this, Amy manages her own classroom where children can come to access more wellbeing material and to engage with her if required. Amy is available to support all of our children and their families. Please contact the school to access that support.