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Transition to Secondary School

Full Merton guidance available here.

Our children move on to a wide range of independent and maintained secondary schools at the end of their time at Bishop Gilpin.

A number of our children move to high-performing state schools, including Ricard's Lodge. During our headteacher's visits to both independent and state schools over the last few years, the standards of behaviour and expectations of learning at Ricard's Lodge were at least on par with a number of fee paying schools.  Children at Ricard's and other state schools in Merton make excellent progress and all Merton secondary schools are currently good or outstanding. 

Each year we also have children who successfully gain academic, sporting or arts-based bursaries to schools in the independent sector. We have high rates of acceptance for the majority of schools to which our children apply.  

We will support parents in making decisions but, due to the number of schools we send our children to, we are not able to recommend specific schools. 

We ask parents and carers to be mindful of the mental health of their children, themselves and others during this process.  Sending children to too many tests  can have a significant negative impact on their well being. We also ask parents to be mindful when discussing schools with their child or other parents.  Thoughtless comments can cause stress and anxiety to others.

You may wish to refer to our Secondary Transfer Q+A page for more information on the process and key dates.

Full Merton guidance available here

BG presentation on transition to secondary school here. 

List of destination schools from Bishop Gilpin: 

Note: the numbers in this table do not reflect offers, only destinations.  Neither are all pupils represented, as some children move abroad at the end of Year 6 and some others choose not to supply the information.


Ark Academy, Putney  


Ashcroft Technology Academy 2


Claremont Fan Court 2 2 1 1
Coombe Girls 1
Coombe Boys 1
Cranleigh 1
Emanuel 2 2
Epsom College 1 2 4
Ewell Castle 2 6
Fulham Boys 1
Glyn School 1
Graveney School 1 1 1
Godolphin & Latymer School       1
Grey Coat Hospital 4 2
The Hall School, Wimbledon 1 2
Hampton School   1
Harris Academy Wimbledon 2 7
Headington School, Oxford   1
Holy Cross 1 1
Kensington Park School     1
King's College School  1 1


Kingston Grammar 3 2
Lady Eleanor Holles 1
Lady Margaret School 1 1 2 1
Latymer Upper School 1
London Oratory 1
Nonsuch High School 2
Notradame 1
Putney High 1 4 2
Raynes Park High 1
Reeds 1 1 1
Ricard's Lodge 6 4 6
Rutlish School 4 6 7 4
St. Cecilia's 5 4 2 3
St George's College, Weybridge       1
St. John's, Leatherhead 1 1 1 1
St Paul's Girls School       1
Surbiton High School 4 4 3 2
Sutton High 3 2
Sutton Grammar 1 1
Tolworth Girls 1
Tiffin Girls' School 3 1
Tiffin Boys' School 1 2 1 1
Ursuline High School 3 2
Wallington County Grammar   2
Westminister 1
Whitgift 1 1 3
Wilson's Grammar 1
Wimbledon College 1 1 1 1
Wimbledon High School 3 2 1
Woolmer Hill, Haslemere   1
Wycombe Abbey 1

For more information on the process of applying to secondary schools, please go to Merton's website below:

Web icon http://www.merton.gov.uk/learning/schools/changingschool/admissions/school-applications-and-transfers/secondaryplace.htm