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What Governors Do

As Bishop Gilpin is a voluntary-aided school, the Governors (as members of the governing body) are the employers of all staff who work at the school. We are accountable for our actions to parents, the local community, the local authority and the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE).

 Our role is to help the school provide the best possible education for all of our children.

  • We aim to establish high expectations for all pupils, to promote effective learning and teaching and thereby to raise standards of achievement.
  • We approve the policies and plans to support the overall aims of the school.
  • We respect the professional roles of the Headteacher and staff, and their responsibilities for the day-to-day management of the school.
  • We set and review the broad framework within which the Headteacher and staff run the school.
  • We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness.
  • We act as a ‘critical friend’, providing support and advice to the Headteacher and staff, while asking challenging questions and encouraging self-evaluation and improvement.
  • We work with the school to examine applications for admission to Bishop Gilpin in accordance with the published admissions policy.
  • We monitor the school's budget and finances.
  • We safeguard the Christian ethos of the school.