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School Travel Plan     

Bishop Gilpin is part of Merton's School Travel Plan initiative and STAR (School Travel Accredited and Recognised) accreditation scheme. This campaigns and works to reduce car use and increase walking, cycling and using public transport amongst pupils and staff.

So far we have achieved GOLD level Accreditation, with a majority of students enthusiastically walking, biking and scooting their way in to start the day! We will be continuing to develop our School Travel Plan.

We are proud to say that the vast majority of our students walk into school!
Here are the current projections for student modes of transport (not every student has volunteered information):

  • Walk:  207 = 84%
  • Car/Van:  30 = 12%
  • Bus:  6 = 2%
  • Cycle:  2 = 1%
  • Train:  1 = 1%

A School Travel Plan can result in:

  • Fewer cars and congestion around the school site.
  • Healthier and more active pupils, families and staff.
  • Less pollution around the school.
  • Safer walking and cycling routes around the school.
  • Improved school grounds with provision for bicycle storage  (where possible)

Web icon Visit Merton's site for more information http://www.merton.gov.uk/transport-streets/transportplanning/schooltravel/school_travel_plans_in_merton_.htm